I’m Shandi, and I’m a producer. 

Producers don't usually have their own websites. People bring us in just to make things happen. Shiny websites and portfolios are the realm of photographers, directors, models etc. But when you come across stories that resonate with you, chances are there’s a producer hustling hard behind the scenes. That’s where I come in.

I’ve been lucky to collaborate with incredible teams on film and commercial video production, branding, commercial photoshoots, and more. Dive in, and you’ll get all the details on what that looks like.

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“Shandi is one of the most inspiring, badass humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You can tell quickly that Shandi’s work comes from a place of pure love for and excellence in her craft. She is driven, focused, and resourceful, making her a priceless addition to any production. Shandi’s ability to organize, manage, and produce visual, written, and online content for brands is next-level. She really understands what it takes to execute otherwise complex projects and deliver beautiful, human stories and content.”

-Emily Rae

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“Shandi is able to clearly define and defend a brand's voice and its positioning in an increasingly crowded (and reactionary) market. I appreciated her ability to remain grounded and focused, which in turn ensured that my team could work on developing and executing the strategy to meet the project's objectives. Shandi is a talented brand marketer and a strong collaborator whose work and vision add depth and value to the brands and projects she leads.”

-Sara Murphy